Career Development

Learn about the tools that help Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres attract, develop, motivate and retain the best teams and top talent.

As we continue to attract top talent and build high performance teams, Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres is also focusing on organisational design and operational effectiveness as an enabler to delivering on our strategic business goals.


Throughout the year, we revisit our talent strategy to ensure it is aligned with our short and long term business strategies. We identify internal and external hiring needs and plans for developing critical organisational capabilities, such as operational excellence, sales excellence and coaching. In addition, we proactively focus on identifying and developing successors to critical positions. When job openings occur, we seek to identify our current associates who have the required skills and experiences and balance this with bringing in new capabilities externally. Within Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres performance-based work environment, managers and supervisors engage associates in discussions throughout the year about performance, potential opportunities for advancement, career interests, development, and rewards.

By investing in our performance management process, we continue to raise the performance bar. Tailored performance management solutions are readily available to support the quality of each phase of the performance management process. We set targeted business and development objectives that are linked to our strategy and accurately assess performance throughout the year. Our Global Talent Management System makes performance data easily accessible, which drives improved collaboration and communication. Managers are expected to provide ongoing feedback so associates know when they are on track and when adjustments are needed. Formal feedback opportunities focus on celebrating what went well, learning from the past, and helping us to identify improvement areas.

Our online Global Talent Management System enables associates to document work history, education, skills, experiences, and career aspirations — creating an electronic portfolio that supports career conversations with managers. The tool allows managers to use this data to search for global talent, fill open roles, and complete succession plans, tapping into a diverse database of global talent.

In our culture of continuous learning, we provide an environment where associate development is “employee-owned, manager-supported, and HR-enabled.” Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres provides relevant and challenging learning experiences for all levels, from individual contributors and frontline leaders to midlevel and senior leaders. Learning may start in the classroom or online, but it must continue on the job. And learning from others is critical to success. Often the most effective learning takes place on the job, by stretching people with expanded responsibilities in their current roles or by putting them in new roles to develop key skills and experiences.

We prioritise our group development efforts on the organisational capabilities needed to enable business success. Individual development is driven by performance management feedback and career planning. Development enables success in current and future roles, which drives better skills, higher engagement, and accelerated performance.