Corporate Responsibility

Health, Safety & Wellness

At Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres we continue to build a culture where safety is a value to each and every associate.  By doing so, we will continue our ultimate goal of zero incidents.

At Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres, we believe all associates have a responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of everyone around them.

Company leadership supports this belief by encouraging and empowering associates to always make the decision to perform work safely without risk of serious injury.  For example, if an associate feels there is a serious risk, he or she is empowered to stop work and report it immediately.  As our associates are the foundation for our success, our most important work is to ensure they have a safe work environment.  Leaders at every level are responsible for creating a safe work environment and reinforcing safe behaviours.

We believe that associate engagement is the cornerstone to our ultimate goal of No One Gets Hurt.  Though associate engagement has always been important, several plants began piloting an organisational approach in 2013 that drives safety engagement and ownership at the floor level.  Associate engagement in safety, environmental and sustainability initiatives became a key performance measure with the ultimate goal of 100% associate engagement.  We believe that combining associate engagement with common global workplace safety standards will create and sustain a safe workplace.


An effective safety process accomplishes three things – it enhances the physical environment in the facility and the mental attitude of the associates working there as well as engages as many associates as possible by encouraging their active participation.  Target Zero is designed to achieve these objectives and its global implementation continues to positively influence our safety culture.

A component of Target Zero – near miss reporting – allows associates to report conditions that require attention, as well as to identify incidents where a “close call” has occurred.  Near misses are documented, analysed and corrective actions put in place proactively, all before an accident can occur.

Target Zero’s second component is the analysis of behaviour, or as we like to refer to it, doing the job the safe way every time.  Trained associates observe specific tasks and document their findings.  The collected data are analysed and a team identifies the corrective actions and removes any potential roadblocks that may prevent associates from performing the task safely every time.  Follow-up observations are conducted to determine the effectiveness of the corrective actions.  If improvement is confirmed, a new task is identified for analysis.

Goodyear & Dunlop Tyre’s goal remains zero incidents and the ongoing commitment to Target Zero by associates continues to move us closer to that goal.


At Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres, we believe associate engagement and empowerment are critical for us to achieve the ultimate goal of No One Gets Hurt.  We believe that combining associate engagement with common global workplace safety standards will create and sustain a safe workplace.  As associates, we know that when we receive the knowledge and support to participate in safety initiatives, we become part of our safety success – we identify risks, remove roadblocks and generate and implement ideas for improvement.  The contribution of every associate to improve safety, both in the workplace and at home, is a powerful concept that will help us achieve zero incidents.


The GoodLife programs “encourage wellness and safety both on the job and away from work”.  GoodLife empowers associates to be healthy, engaged and productive by working toward the goals of preventing illness and injury whenever possible and getting people into the right care, at the right place and at the right time when prevention is no longer possible.

Health information is presented through GoodLife’s numerous communication channels to improve knowledge about associate health plans and wellness programs, encourage proper use of available health benefits, seek emotional wellbeing and engage the entire family in proper emergency preparations.